Before the Year Ends

Get unstuck and free yourself to limitless success.

Gain emotional depth and cultivate healthy relationships.

Fall back in love with your whole self without hesitation.

Raise your hand if you’re a Black woman in 2023 and the world feels heavy.

*All the hands in the room go UP* 

Um, of course it does. Because for us, every big decision and small transition comes with so much added complexity. The trauma that has been silently passed down to us didn’t come with the tools to process its impact on our lives. So we’re giving them to you.


A 6-hour jumpstart into emotional intelligence & surefire self-growth.

Meet Your Course Instructor, Dr. Michelle.


In less than one workday, we will cover major topics like Radical Self-Honesty where you will discover barriers to personal growth followed by uncovering your super secret powers to solving now and future problems.

You will be set on a path to infinitely manifest everything you deserve. Keep in mind a weekend course is JUST the beginning of your journey but you have to start somewhere. 


Take the step toward positive, long-lasting change.


Day 1: Saturday, November 11th

Day 2: Sunday, November 12th

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Your mental & emotional world is either holding you back or setting you free. 

If you feel moody, anxious, self-critical, or easily overwhelmed, and you don’t really know why or what to do about it…we’re here to help you dig in. In this course, you’ll gain the clarity, self-confidence, and accountability to make decisions that move your life forward. If you’ve never tried therapy before, this is a gentle jumping-off point to see and feel immediate and lasting growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is Emotional Intelligence important? 

A. Your level of EQ will determine your potential for professional and personal success. When you’re using emotional intelligence to navigate the world you’ll find more ease in communication, more successful solutions to problems, and greater connection to yourself. Your ability to be empathetic increases which means you will have more potential to bond with the people you care about the most. 

Q. How will I feel after this course? 

A. This course is designed to be a catalyst that sets off a series of healthier habits to implement into your life. You will have to take the skills learned and turn them into rooted habits over the course of several weeks, so while you may not feel 100% improved what you will leave with is hope, strategy, and a community of people cheering for your success. 

Q. How will this course help me?

A. By the end of this course you will have the following: 

  • Be kinder to yourself
  • Shift destructive thoughts into productive actions
  • Make confident life decisions
  • Master high-stress coping mechanisms
  • Deliver ONE effective solution to a major problem
  • An accountability partner and a supportive cohort

Q. When does the course take place?

A. Great question! We designed this version of the course to be guided so you feel supported throughout your journey!

We will meet:

Saturday: 10am - 1pm

Sunday: 1pm - 4pm

Prior to the course start date you will receive all the materials you need along with instructions on what to prioritize including fillable PDFs, brief surveys, and other freebies.

Q. How long do I have to access the course?

A. A lifetime! After enrollment in this course you will have lifetime access to the content.

Q: What if I can't join for the whole time?

A. You'll receive the most impact by participating in the entire course as designed. You get out of it, what you put into it. It's recommended to organize your days to be fully present. Emergencies do happen, and in that case please be in communication with the course moderator.

Q. What if I am unhappy with the course?

A. I understand that sometimes we are not the right fit. If by the end of the first day you are unhappy with the information and experience please put in a refund request. At the end of the first day you will receive a brief survey with an option to request a 50% partial refund. 

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